Tuesday, 3 January 2012

little chat

Nanna :: {holding tissue to Ruby's nose} blow.
Ruby :: {blows nose} like the one I did when we were at the shops yesterday? That was a stripper! {beaming face}
Me :: I think you mean ripper, darling. It was a ripper {bent over with laughter}.

{Photos have nothing to do with blowing your nose. 
Enjoying the cool early morning with bubbles before retreating to the air con again.}


  1. They come out with the funniest things don't they!! I wrote something similar on my blog tonight too. Your kidddies are too cute! xx

  2. Snap! haha they are so entertaining, aren't they! I wish I had written down all the beauties since Ruby started talking. Any mother could become a best selling author if they published a record! x


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