Wednesday, 4 January 2012


This little guy is itching to walk. He's been walking around the furniture for three months and for the past month has been doing a lot of standing alone and bending to pick things up. Four steps is about his PB at present. I just adore watching them learn, their little minds working overtime, the concentration on his face, putting one step in front of the other, the beaming smile when he realises he is walking by himself before the shock sends him tumbling. The other two were early walkers, Ruby at nine months and Cole at nine and a half. Eliot can get somewhere ridiculously fast with his speedy crawl so I think it hasn't bothered him too much to concentrate on walking. Hopefully he will have worked it all out by the time Tim arrives, in about six weeks, just before his first birthday {insert squeals of excitement}.

{E with his favourite Christmas present. The ball and fish spin around on the seal's nose as you push it!}

Until then, I am soaking up this special stage. It may be the last we see in this house. Boo.

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