Saturday, 14 January 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: my darling hubby

I am still playing catch up. For everything. I have to write myself a note that I need to grateful post on Thursdays now instead of Saturdays. Thursdays.

We've had a week of procrastination and nothingness. Perhaps that should be I've instead of we've. And long nights. Eliot is still trying to cut another tooth and his conjunctivitis, lovingly shared by his big bro, cleared up, then came back, cleared up, came back.. grrr. So he's been a bit cranky through the night, I think it's scary for them when they wake up and they can't see properly. Any kind of deep, rejuvenating slumber must be happening in someone else's home. I have had to sleep in every morning this week because my body physically couldn't function when I would normally get up. Enter my darling husband. I think all days bar one, he got up with the kids while I stayed in bed either with Eliot, because he wouldn't settle in his cot, or after feeding him as the sun was coming up and putting him back to bed. And now my body clock is out of whack because of it. It's midnight and I'm not tired. Hmm. I am so thankful we now have a few weeks to really rest properly and recharge the batteries, get the body clock back on track.

I know lots of friends who have an understanding with their husband about who gets to stay in bed and who gets up with the littlies. In the four years since becoming parents, I think it would be something like a 90/10 split between me getting up with the kids, and him. When the kids were babies (clearly we still have one baby), I never expected him to get up to them through the night. After all, they only wanted my milk anyway. Plus, a train could come through the bedroom and he wouldn't wake up, so a hungry baby is but a whisper to his ears. Hubby has to go to work every morning and I didn't think he should have to show up for work yawning and functioning at half strength, when I had the chance to rest if I needed (okay so that was only with #1), and if it had been a long night we could take it easy at home the following day. By the time you get to #3, you can usually function on any amount of sleep, no matter how small. My hubby needs his sleep, he's cranky without it. And putting up with cranky husband makes me a cranky wife. And then it's the kids who usually suffer with cranky mummy. Like many mums, my clock is set to the kids and I find it hard to sleep in unless my body is absolutely exhausted. Which at the moment, it is.

My batteries are running extremely low. And hubby knows it. And he stepped in this week, every time he saw me flailing. And that's one of the many reasons I love him so. And that, my friends, is what I am grateful for this week.

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  1. It's always so good to know that we've got each other's back. The important thing is to notice that (which you've more than got covered - a lovely note to your husbie!)

    Now, I'm still feeling my way around how the new Grateful is on a work. I'm a bit annoyed with myself for not being more organised. I do know that I will be posting it up at 9pm on Thursdays from now on. Thanks for bearing with me, Tahnee! x

  2. We have a very similar scenario here - I did most of the night wakings for similar reasons, they were breastfed and my husband does not cope without sleep. It's a nightmare - we just end up with a house full of grumpy people!

    Glad he stepped in this week though, I think whatever your arrangement is - knowing they will step in when needed is so important.

  3. Hope you're on the mend and feeling better soon. Good on your hubby for stepping I. He sounds like mine (can fall asleep instantly and sleep through anything, although willing to step up when needed). Take care.

  4. (ooh look - you have the reply option in your comment section! I'm missing that...)

    Anyway, I couldn't find your email address and it doesn't show up when you comment - I edit my photos in photoshop and add a text layer in there when I'm editing.

  5. I love hubbies who know exactly when to step in - mine is still learning this skill with #1, but it also forces me to communicate well.

    Hope you get caught up soon, mama!


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