Tuesday, 20 December 2011

weekend love

Weekend love indeed. It was a good one. A productive one! Made up for last week. Saturday morning was spent with beautiful friends who asked me to photograph their littlest and family as a whole (flattered), to which I said yes (scary). I wiped my card before arrival and nearly filled it before departure. This photography thing is just a lovely hobby, so it's quite scary to have to deliver the goods in exchange for the green stuff. Yikes. I hope they like what I captured. I certainly like my new lens that was exchanged for the green stuff.

More baking was achieved, sprayed some lamp bases that have been waiting patiently, restocked Mr E's shelf in the freezer, watched carols, sang and danced around the house to this (among others) with the kids, even got a sleep in till 8.30 Sunday morning. The world has gone crazy.

**Last two shots taken by Ruby. She has been asking a lot lately to 'have a go' when I am using the camera. Hmm another budding photographer on our hands?

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