Thursday, 22 December 2011

liar liar pants on fire

Wednesday will be a good day. Maybe subconsciously I meant next Wednesday?

Who knew our big party day would end in emergency at hospital? And Missy diagnosed with pneumonia? Good times. Roaring temperature, irregular breathing, a quick check with mum to make sure I wasn't overreacting due to sleep deprivation, was enough to bundle the little cougher and baby bro (no milk in the freezer, won't take a bottle anyway, still feeds through the night, no other option) into the car for an 'adventure in the dark'. Ruby was most excited. Me? Not so much. Both nights hubby was away saw my head hit the pillow at 2am.. I thought his return + kindy party would mean happily exhausted children and an early night for all. Instead I think I managed two half hour naps in the chair next to Ruby's hospital bed in between visits from the nurses and doctor. Thankfully she was able to manage a few longer stints of slumber. It's been a while since I saw a sunrise.

My little star is in good spirits considering the drama. How do you go from perfectly healthy to pneumonia in three days? Anyway, we are confident the antibiotics will do their job and our Christmas plans will be uninterrupted by hospital admission and a drip.

An exhausting day for all, on every level. Farewelling kindy friends, parents and teachers was harder than I thought it would be, and Ruby and I both left quite teary. The boys were clearly unfazed {I thought it was unphased but the dictionary tells me otherwise}. She gave her teacher and assistant a little box of handmade goodness all wrapped up with plenty of love. And calories. Some shortbread, honeycomb and peppermint bark. We hope Miss Kate and Gowri enjoy eating them, as much as we enjoyed making them.

Here's to some R&R and a speedy recovery for my little girl. And some sleep. Though I am hoping more for the earlier.

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