Thursday, 29 December 2011


Wow. What a week. My list was made, I checked it twice.. no way was that baby EVER.GETTING.FINISHED. Thems the breaks when you fly {parenting}solo for half the week and have a very sick little girl to care for, for the remainder. Merry Christmas.

You mamas know when one gets sick, it's hard to contain. So Cole has conjunctivitis and virus, Eliot has a virus, and now I am feeling something funky too. Hubby is the only one untouched at the moment, aside from a migraine. What a shit end to a pretty great year.

We saw out Christmas Day only to head back to emergency around 2am Boxing Day through till after lunch. Another chest scan and more antibiotics, we are finally seeing a happier little girl.

Everyone in blogland has signed off for the year and taking a well earned break. This blogging joy is still new for me and am happy to carry on should I have anything interesting/uninteresting to say, over the holiday weeks ahead. Perhaps there may be more photos {is that even possible? I hear you say} and less words. But I want to keep going (I have really missed being here the past week), and may take a little break when we head north in a few weeks for a very well earned family break. I am feeling very broken after the past week's events.

I am really looking forward to what the new year will bring ~ some quality family time, a holiday, our baby boy will turn the big O-N-E shortly after we return, which means Tim is coming to visit (woo hoo!), new kindy, new dancing, new swimming, new ventures, new routine, new attitude. I do love the freshness that comes with the arrival of the first of the year. A clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh outlook, endless opportunity ahead. And then you blink and it's June, but I'm forgetting that part for now and concentrating on the fresh part. The clean part, when my house will sparkle from every kind of disinfectant I can throw at it, to see in the new year. At home, cancelling plans, laying low, so our immune systems can repair. Ruby isn't allowed to go swimming until she is healthy, doctor's orders. We fly to the sunshine in less than three weeks. Upon arrival, she turns into a fish, so I will be filling her with vitamin C and anything else I can think of because I cannot see her sitting ocean/poolside spectating while her brothers enjoy all the aquatic action.

I am going to de-Christmas my house. All the joy is making me feel sick.

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