Tuesday, 29 November 2011

save the date

The date has been set. The bride and groom-to-be are in full planning, booking, deposit-paying mode. Remember she's anally retentive so things must be just so. They had another style of save-the-date planned, but time was running out and it required some props and a little photo shoot in a paddock out the back of our place. The weekends were slipping away.. I believe slight panic was evident. {Relax Aunty CC, I said slight}

Enter fabulous stylist-designer-photographer extraordinaire. She's pretty pricey, in high demand. Lucky she happened to be in the building to save the day. And waived her big fat fee. Ha. Again, Mr & Mrs in waiting were suitably chuffed. Fabulous stylist-designer-photographer extraordinaire also suitably chuffed when opening mail to find how profesh it all looked. What a clever cookie she is.

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