Friday, 12 December 2014

mr + mrs grace

Michelle and I met because our daughters were born in the same hospital, very close to one another, and our addresses at the time meant our local council threw us into the same mums' group. Seven years ago!

While many more babies have joined the group and our lives have become far busier, leaving less and less time for regular catch ups, our mothers' group has not changed in size over those seven years. Families have come and gone, moving interstate/suburb/house, but we still come back together; we still remain the best part of a dozen. Which, apparently, is unheard of. How lucky we are.

Michelle + Rob have been together for the best part of two decades. Two beautiful kids and years and years of memories together. Michelle desperately wanted to share the same surname as her love, and her children. And so they were married. In the quirky opulence of the State Library of Victoria and later, celebrating at State of Grace for a small, intimate dinner with their guests, plus taxidermy giraffe.

Full stills will be shared in the new year on a fancy, sleek new website..!

Until then, here they are in motion.. keep your eyes peeled for Interested Toddler and Lady with Pram. Both excellent.

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