Tuesday, 3 June 2014

weekly stills

Keys + glasses (and some days, headless Barbie) basket
Knight (in dragon wings)
Clean (if you ignore the window)
Lemon squares
Gumboots essential

Linking up with the coolest, pink haired mum, like EVER.


  1. A headless Barbie, broken, always gets to me. I have no idea why! I can't actually even stand her to not have clothes on. It's funny the little neuroses we develop along the way!! Have a great week, Tahnee. x

  2. I'm with Bron! Barbie needs to wear clothes just like the rest of us! I love the pic of your wee one on the chain bridge :) His curls kill me... Love, love love!

    Sophie xo

    1. Ladies, while I take no responsibility for dressing or undressing Barbie.. you'll be pleased to know her head is legitimately detachable! There's a button and all.. so you can interchange Barbie's head - who comes up with this stuff?? x

  3. Barbie has an interchangeable head? Things have changed......

  4. That slice looks delicious and love the photo of the super hero with the colliander on their head. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  5. It is sad to admit this, but I always feel everything is right with the world when my kitchen bench is clean. Hope you have a great week ahead :-)


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