Thursday, 5 June 2014

one on one

Fridays are our day. We have two other mornings each week, just the two of us. But Fridays are our long days together where we have no agenda until 2.15pm kindy pick up.

I try and devote our Fridays to him. Farm, park, zoo, playground, special morning tea.. something/somewhere new. Life gets in the way sometimes and Fridays become about me and the ease of getting things done with only one child. Thankfully those Fridays are few and far between.

I love our time together; when he gets to sit in Cole's carseat and have full view out the front window, pointing loudly at every BIG TRUCK! he can see. Or demanding STOP MUMMY, STOP! as soon as he spies a red traffic light somewhere in the distance..

He chats away, constantly surprising me with his new words and longer sentences, filling in the gaps he used to leave out; somewhere along the way Mummy - truck! became Mummy! Look at the BIG red truck! I see his little mind opening and taking everything in. He still goes bananas on the playground as if it's the first he's ever seen. And I still laugh at him, every time. On the occasions we end up running errands, we head to the playground first and then he requests a chicken skewer and vanilla milkshake for morning tea. I oblige. And of course he must sit in the pram to obtain the milkshake.. it's a win/win.

Do you have regular one on one time with one or all of your children? What sort of things do you do together?


  1. I only have one but as I work three days a week and one day at home ends up being about swimming lessons and errands, I try to make sure the other day is just for us. We do many of the same things…a walk to the coffee shop or an afternoon ice cream treat, the zoo, the playground, and occasionally we go further afield and head to the beach!

  2. Sweetness :) I miss my one on one time with my daughter since she started school this year and the weekends are so full of running around, it's all just crazy. I need to slow down with her. Before putting her to bed tonight she kissed me goodnight and said: "Mum, it's our day off tomorrow!" :) I'm thinking tomorrow will definitely be a day off for her and I. Maybe a special breakfast date will be on the cards. Enjoy Fridays with your little man xxx

  3. I'm a stay-at-home mom of just one little babe, though that is more than enough for me! She is now at the age where we can go adventures together and both she and I enjoy them. She keeps me on track - if I try to do too much work and don't pay enough attention to her, she points to a chair and motions for me to sit. Then lately she has been sticking tape on my head. Oh, the joys of motherhood.
    Love your photography - just discovered your blog from Weekend Rewind.

  4. Love this post and the beautiful images! My eldest is now at school, and my youngest has just turned one. I have two days a week off with him, unfortunately one is set aside for housework and washing, but Wednesdays are becoming 'our' day. Some days we stay at home and play in the yard, and other days, we try to head out and explore. As he gets older, I look forward to some great little excursions ahead!


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