Monday, 10 March 2014

ten on ten / march

1/ first time in the best part of a week I get to drink my coffee HOT now that the ulcer in the roof of my mouth has finally disappeared..
2/ catching up
3/ morning drawing
4/ his favourite snack at the moment
5/ neverEVERending
6/ early afternoon bath
7/ late lunch
8/ cooling off
9/ nudie splashing
10/ at the office
11/ bedtime… ahhhhh
12/ fancy nancy

Twelve on Ten. Whatever.

Joining Rebekah each month for Ten on Ten


  1. Tahnee that water shot is amazing! Although I would've have been squealing - "Just not the camera!" I've always wanted to give this Ten on Ten a go but miss it every month! I need to set an alarm.

    Sophie xo

    P.S. That is the most cutest laptop I have ever seen!

  2. Call me weird but my favourite two photos are the first one (precisely because it's out of focus...reminds me of blurry vision just out of bed) and the dishwasher one. The colours of the dishes just pop out. I love this series!

  3. Fun - great shot of the water hose!

  4. this has got to be one of my favorite sets ever - it's perfect and your photography skills just keep getting better and better!!!

  5. A lovely set as a whole. The golden light across the table and the composition of the bathtub scene are so nicely seen and captured.

  6. So sweet seeing Ruby's drawings, her homemade computer, stories etc. She and Fox are well matched. Fox made a laptop recently, complete with and apple on the outside cover of the laptop. A few days later he made an iPhone. Too cute! x

  7. beautiful set of photos...


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