Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I think I've only been to Moomba Festival once.. many years ago!

So I thought I would take the big kids for a day out, just the three of us (the small heading to see the grandparents with dad). It's been too long between weekend adventures with just one or two of the smalls. While still tiring - a hot and sweaty (supposedly autumn) day with loads of walking - it was so wonderful to be able to give my time to my biggest two, with no pram to push. Of course, it was busy and crowded and as I looked at all the parents getting flustered trying to push their prams through the crowds, I was so glad I wasn't one of them.

We walked together, having enough hands for children for a change, soaking up the sights and sounds, the colour and light! There were tears when we missed the circus because the line was craaaaazy long an hour before it even began, but they soon dried with the promise of another curly, fried spud on a stick. Delicious!

Bedtime came and went as we dawdled across the bridge back to the car, stopping every few metres so they could spot something new or just stare into the sunset. They showed no sign of fatigue, but I was fading fast. I had spent Saturday shooting a wedding and my legs had done way more walking in the last forty eight hours than they were used to.

They spent the entire drive home with windows down, squealing in the back seat (way more fun when you're in dad's big ute!), pretending they were on a roller coaster. The pure delight on their faces was like NOTHING ELSE.

Of course we all fell in a bit of a heap today and spent the day inside until the heat had passed while the husband had to work - yes, on a public holiday! Grrrrrr.

Thanks Moomba - you were fun! And filthy. But mostly fun!

We recently discovered cheap weekend parking in the city. It would have cost us $18 to take the train to Moomba, instead we drove in and paid $5! If you're a Melbournian and haven't used it - you should! 

Cheekily joining Em for weekly stills - having taken nothing worth sharing during the week, it would seem I had saved all my best for the weekend between the wedding, Moomba and Ten on Ten!


  1. An amazing bunch of photos, Tahnee. Truly inspiring. And what little dudes you have - in their sunnies at the festival! Kellie xx

  2. awesome photos! and THANK YOU for the parking tip!!! Will definitely be using that in the future!

  3. Oh dear Melbourne how I do miss thee! Seems like so long ago since I called it home. I've been there to MoVida - Delicious Spanish tapas! Love your pictures Tahnee... Always.

    Sophie xo

  4. Can't get enough of these Tahnee - SOOOO good!

  5. An amazing collection of photos of Moomba and the weather was fantastic. My favourites are the late afternoon light ones, incredible. Great job on finding cheap parking....it's a lot isn't it when you usually buy a drink or chips or something on top of it. We've had those twisted potato things once before and they were great (according to the kids, as I was on my health kick at the time). Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. The vibrant colors in your photos brought me so much sunshine! Thank you!

  7. Oh my goodness...I've never seen a fried spud on a stick (I'm assuming that is the curly looking thing in the photo)...it sounds delicious!!!! I love your photos - you are such an inspiration!!!! Cheers.


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