Friday, 10 January 2014

ten on ten / january

Toward the end of last year I fell off the Ten on Ten wagon. Entirely unintentionally. I just kept forgetting. I'm awesome at forgetting stuff. One would think I would set myself a reminder. But that would make too much sense!

This year I wanted to be sure I wouldn't forget. I wanted a full collection this time round--a complete series--twelve sets. So around rolled 10 January.

And I forgot.

In my own defence--TO myself, given I am fully aware nobody ACTUALLY cares whether I do Ten on Ten each month or not--it's been a big week. I spent the best part of two days awake and by my sister's side as she delivered her son into the world. When your body is craving sleep, it's easy to forget the simplest of things. Throw in the fact I am in total holiday mode and don't care what day OR date it is, then it's clear to see how cloudy my brain is at the moment.

We spent the tenth of the month with dear friends. And while the photos are not spread evenly throughout the day as they should be, they are a lovely collection of summer, childhood, friendship and holiday delight.

*One of Ruby's bottom teeth has been hanging on by a thread for weeks - of course it fell out in the pool! She had to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain why there was no tooth to offer.

Joining Rebekah for Ten on Ten each month


  1. A lovely collection of fun moments, gorgeous.

  2. These are beautiful! Looks like a warm, joy-filled day. :)

  3. I really love these images. The nail painting, toothless grin, mothers laughing. It's fun to follow blogs in the southern hemisphere. Such a nice change from the frozen tundra. :)


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