Friday, 24 January 2014

baby love / a maternity series / seven months / november 2013

I was completely steamrolled by this baby toward the end of last year. Or rather, this project and keeping up with delivering it on time.

But now it's time to hit you in quick succession with the final three instalments before I can introduce you to my new nephew - good and proper.

This was the first month where my BIL joined us. It was really something special.

You can see the full collection of stills over here.

Music / Sleeping At Last / 500 Miles


  1. OOOOOMG! Ok, now I'm really teary! that was amazing! beautiful version of that song. downloading it from iTunes now! xx

  2. Beautiful! Wish that we had that song for our first wedding dance. Wish that you captured some photos of me like that when I was pregnant! What program did you use to edit that video? Shari from

  3. Oh, this took my breath away. How special for your sister to have this series to treasure. You are so talented!

  4. You are so talented! This video is amazing! x


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