Sunday, 26 January 2014


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Ruby / always keeping a close eye on her baby cousin.
Cole / in the morning light.
Eliot / he blew foggy circles on the dirty door and laughed heartily, then turned and left.

Really, I could list Katherine's photos in my favourites every week. But last week I especially loved her first capture of Lamb from the other side of the bank. Different to her preferred close up style, but equally beautiful. I also loved this just-about-to-cry capture from Alli (first three weeks posted collectively).

Joining Jodi each week


  1. the light is perfect, in different ways, in every one of these

  2. the light in these is ridiculous! so lovely!

  3. beautiful, all three but specially second!
    lu x

  4. Oh I love that middle one…the steam is just amazing.
    And I love her expression as she looks as the baby…beautiful.

  5. That middle phot is incredible... I would love a photo of my kitchen light that. I love the light and shadows and steaming coffee. It speaks volumes. Great job on all 3 pics. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. love the light in all of these photos! well done!

  7. the mornings look so peaceful and full of promise in your house! Really love the way you captured the light in the last two pics and the fascination and adoration in the first one! Visiting from Jodi's 52 project.

  8. yes! katherine is seriously amazing wielding that lens! I love your work too, that last photo, a perfect childhood game! xx

  9. Hello from Jodi's page!

    Beautiful photos, love the light in all three photos!

  10. You get me with the light every time!


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