Tuesday, 14 January 2014

a year of motherhood / a collaboration

My beautiful friend Milina. You know her, yes?

She's got a big heart, a warm, infectious smile and she gives the best hugs. And we laugh a lot. Like when I pretend to be the same height as her in that bottom left pic. Honestly, I don't feel that tall when I am with her..?

Last year I sent her a book in the mail for her birthday. She had made a decision about something big, but was struggling with her confidence. I am all about the positive energy and getting rid of all the shit that brings you down. I am unique. I am talented. I am enough. We all are. But sometimes we need to be told by others, whether it be close friends, strangers or authors.

Then a couple of days before my birthday, a little package arrived in my letterbox. Which I don't think was actually a birthday gift because the card mentioned nothing about birthdays.. she just managed to time it right by chance.

You've been inspiring me since before I even met you. I feel so grateful to be able to call you a friend.
Here's to continuing inspiration, creativity and making the most of our mornings.
Big love, Milina xxxx

Late last year I suggested we collaborate. We both love being behind the lens and sometimes we can only break through barriers by being pushed by others, or with others. Healthy competition is a very good thing.

My mind has felt very clear since Christmas passed. After months, I finally had time to breathe. It felt as though there was space for my thoughts to move around without bumping into one another. Late one night, a thought popped into my head--like a lightbulb, just like in the movies.

Me, her, a project.

Taking our cue from A Year of Mornings / 3191 Miles Apart, A Year of Motherhood was born. We're not trying to copycat these talented women, no, most certainly not. The project just seemed to fit--like a glove--both of us with a copy of the book--having received it as a heartfelt gift of gratitude, inspiration and friendship. A great foundation for anything to be built upon, really.

Last year I really enjoyed the Kids Were Here series. This year they may only feature every few months, or perhaps, not at all. Because many of the images I would usually use for that series, will end up as part of our 365 collection of motherhood. And I want this one to be special. I want this one to shine.

I'm so looking forward to this project. For myself and for my friend--with my friend. I wonder where it will take us..? Who knows. But I know the road ahead is bright. I know it will only serve to strengthen our bond and fill us with even more gratitude for having made our way into each other's lives. Because of this weird and wonderful thing called the internet.

If you'd like to follow along with our little project, you can do so with Bloglovin' and Facebook. You can find us separately over here.

*These images kindly taken by Milina's lovely sister


  1. My heart is full right now xxoo

  2. Amazing to find a kindred spirit. Beautiful pics x

  3. I am so happy for the both of you. It is so special to find someone that you connect with like the two of you have. I look forward to seeing your beautiful collection of photos. Love those photos of the two of you. xxx

  4. sounds cool! looking forward to following you a little better this year :)

  5. Beautiful. I can't wait to follow your project x

  6. sounds amazing
    I'll be following


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