Monday, 2 September 2013

kids were here / september 2013

This month was better. I stopped rushing and groaning at more mess to clean up. Okay that's a lie. There was still groaning and complete and utter exhaustion, but there was more awareness. More clicking. Of evidence of these little people that fill up our lives. And fill up our homes with stuff. Messy stuff.

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  1. I like this series Tahnee, you've certainly captured the mess in a real yet beautiful way.

    I wish I could learn to look past the mess in my own home. As my husband picked up the million pieces of duplo off the floor last night after our sons bedtime he asked why we both when the basket of the stuff will simply get dumped back out tomorrow morning and will stay there til evening again. It does seem a pointless exercise and yet I persist.

    x Laura

  2. Wowza! They sure know how to mark their territory! It look exactly like my place except I only have one little person that marks her territory :) I sometimes think to myself - What would my life be without this mess? Pretty boring I say!

    Sophie xo

  3. I love these posts Tahnee. You have got me looking at the mess in a different way. Gorgeous photos as usual xx

  4. Great shots! I guess every mom knows and recognizes these scenes. I keep telling myself: In years from now there will be moments when I miss finding tiny shoes in weird places, little cars in a row in the kitchen, a trace of doll clothes from the hallway to upstairs, all the evidence of these adorable (most of the time) little person sharing their growing up with us. :-)

    (But that's only when I am not groaning and rushing, ofcourse ;-))

  5. Fabulous as ever - the little train engine outside is just perfect
    I've included one just for you this month

  6. I so love this series of photos. We also use our plastic Christmas plates all year ;).

  7. the ice cream shop, the cutest thing ever!

  8. I really love this series, you capture the mess that I so frequently grumble about so beautifully.
    I think I might start trying to capturing it too xx


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