Sunday, 11 August 2013

ten on eleven / august 2013

So I completely forgot about Ten on Ten this month until I saw some other lovely collections, late Saturday evening. So I thought I'd join in with those of you in the northern hemisphere.. and the big surprise this month is that there IS only ten images. I KNOW! Can you believe it? Me neither.

Photos captured between several games of Time Bingo / coffee + four month shoot for BABY LOVE with my little sis / father-in-law's birthday celebrations.

Joining lovely Rebekah each month for Ten on Ten


  1. The half-lit coffee and sun-tipped bun are my faves, but all of these images are nicely captured.

  2. i love your set.
    You truly have a beautiful style within your photography, definitely captivated me as a viewer!

  3. There is a little bump emerging! What a busy day. Love these images. Can't wait to see the 4 month shoot. Xx

  4. What a great set! Visiting from 10on10!

  5. I'm pretty sure you must be completely over me gushing about how much I love your images, Tahnee. Well, gush, gush, I really truly do.

    I've forgotten about 10 on 10 for about 13 goes now. That must be a record of sorts... x


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