Wednesday, 3 July 2013

three / 52


3/52 :: great excitement (on her part) with the purchase of her very first pair of school shoes.. 
19/52 :: watching the seals duck and dive from the surface
21/52 :: drawing and colouring always makes her face light up like that


19/52 :: last time we went to the zoo he handed back his carousel ticket before the ride began.. this time, there was much seriousness in staying ON - surely it must be because now, he is FOUR.
21/52 :: almost every pair of pjs he owns, whether new or old, all wear in the same spot, on the same knee.
25/52 :: he pestered me for a crown made from the new 'little coloured paper'. we taped two pieces together, he cut it out, wore it ALL WEEK, only removed it for showers.


2/52 :: water baby
20/52 :: filling and tipping his hot pink cup in the shower
24/52 :: who knew Thomas the Tank Engine (aka 'Tho-eee') could be SO mesmerising?!

I'm not 100% sure these are my favourites but I AM 100% certain I could sit here for hours and still not make a decision.. so here they are. Halfway through and how lovely it is to see their growth in that little 26 week collection (especially Eliot, still only one, sitting in the rockpools in the summer sun!) and also the growth in my photography (note the majority of images come from recent weeks!). I pray the second half of the year won't disappear as quickly as the first, but unfortunately I AM certain not even God can help me with that one.


  1. How did you pick? You have had so many amazing images each week

  2. oh these are just sublime xxx

  3. I can see why it would be hard to pick ... your photos are all gorgeous :0)

  4. Yours are truly some of my favourites every week, they inspire me to work on my photography and focus on the lovely little moments of family life. Beautiful xx

  5. I simply adore all of these. You have such an honest style! Well done, mama! Here's to another great half. xo

  6. your photography always impresses me so i can see why you would have trouble choosing favourites, just gorgeous x

  7. I honestly don't know how you could ever choose from all of your glorious photos, Tahnee. x

  8. Love all of these.


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