Friday, 5 July 2013

kids were here / july 2013

'When I was first asked to be a part of this project, I was admittedly very excited for the group of photographers I'd be working with. They're an amazingly talented group of women. I was also looking forward to documenting a new aspect of our lives, which I gave little (or no) attention to with the camera. Yet it is such a significant part of our everyday. These left-behind toys, the messes, the food, the strewn about clothes; some days, I think they're staring me in the face, laughing. You vacuumed? ha! You just emptied the sink? Too bad! The entry way has been cleared of shoe piles & coat mountains? Nope, not today! But a funny thing happened to me, with this photo project. I am now pausing more & taking more deep breaths. Do I still enjoy all these messes? If I'm being honest, not so much, but incorporating my photography into the daily disasters has given me a new perspective.'  ~Breanna Peterson
My hard drive is close to exploding. I've been backing up, checking, double checking, and then deleting. Knowing there are three copies of photos and hitting DELETE still makes me feel ill. Since upgrading the camera to something serious earlier in the year, the hard drive filled up pretty quickly - even when deleting all the crap. The files are bigger than before, MUCH bigger than before. A large amount of cashola is to be paid to the Apple Gods very shortly and I will be happier than a pig in shite when we have two desktops, at opposite ends of the house so our daily routine can function a whole lot better than giving myself a neck cramp leaning off the back of my chair to check on the kids down the hall, should I need to be at the computer during daylight hours. I try not to, but some days, it's just not possible to live the idyllic being present with your kids every minute of the day lifestyle. Peppa helps me out there.

Knowing family sessions would be taking up plenty of space in the past month, the camera sat fairly idle during our days simply because it meant more backing up and more deleting. 80% of this month's photos were taken in chunks, within five minute periods, wandering around the house, just to have a record. Not up to scratch but here nonetheless.

Find out more about Kids Were Here, here and here.


  1. What a wonderful project! I love some of my kids messes and marks, especially when the'yve gone out and i can contemplate them in peace x
    Ps i am in awe at how clean it is down the side of your sofa!

  2. SO much gold here Tahnee!!

  3. Oh, I LOVE this Tahnee! I smiled the whole way through. Kids are hilarious aren't they. I am going to view the mess in my house today through very different eyes. Thank you!!! Jen x

  4. We all lean on Peppa, she's a good egg!

  5. I had to laugh at the toys stockpiled behind the cushion on the sofa! My little boy does the same thing! These images help to remind me of the beauty or childhood magic that is a result of a messy house!

  6. Love these Tahnee and love the idea of the project. We have a lot of cars being stashed behind couch cushions too!


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