Monday, 24 June 2013


I have been overwhelmed by the response received from Gerry and Gabriel's story, shared last Friday.

After hitting publish mid morning, I could not have been happier to walk away from the computer after spending every evening throughout the week editing, sorting, exporting, burning, selecting, drafting posts. I have all the best intentions to spread the workload out before deadlines appear, but some weeks, it just doesn't happen that way. Stuff happens. Life happens. Life with children happens.

I wish I had a good chunk of time in daylight hours, even just once a week, to commit to the workload. I wonder how efficiently I could work in the hours when I am most alert and energetic, instead of the scrappiest hours of my days, after the kids are in bed and the weariness of the day has fallen. I know it will seem, in no time at all, that I will have all day - at least between the hours of 9 and 3 - to commit to the workload. While some days, it's not ideal working late into the evening, when I should be going to bed with my husband, when my eyes are begging to be closed, this is how it is for now. This is how it needs to be to make a start. To start something wonderful. Something worthwhile. And as exhausting as it can be, the satisfaction of slipping those discs into the big red post box, followed by the hopeful anticipation of a happy email from a client telling me they love their photos, then receiving the actual happy email from a client telling me they love their photos - well that makes the tiredness feel pretty bloody great.

Photographing Gabriel's birth for Gerry has most certainly been the highlight of my short career. It means nothing to compare such an experience to photographing families, something I truly love. Neither one is better than the other. They're just different. That is all. And to have been able to experience it in the way I have - knowing I wanted to photograph a birth, to better myself as a photographer, searching for someone who wanted the same, being trusted with such a beautiful, raw event, and to deliver the very first pages of Gabriel's storybook of life, with the greatest emotion and gratitude from his beautiful mother - it just makes it all the more sweeter.

Thankyou. YOU. For your beautiful comments, emails and messages. After working so closely on these images, I began to wonder whether only those of us present at the birth of Gabriel, would be able to feel the emotion through the screen. I was wrong. And so very happily so. Some of your comments brought me undone. Your generosity of words cemented my feelings that I have chosen the right path. Receiving honest praise from people I truly admire or complete strangers - it doesn't matter. You took moments from your busy days to be sure I knew you had been moved by what you had seen, and felt. And I thank you. Sincerely. You really are a beautiful bunch who come to visit me here.



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  2. It's one thing to give birth and another to witness it hey!
    I've just written a post titled 'Bittersweet' as this week I had one friend who gave birth to her baby girl at 27 weeks but sadly she passed away and 24hrs later another friend gave birth to a chunky gorgeous baby boy. Life is sooooo precious and to be given the chance " deliver the very first pages of Gabriel's storybook of life" what a blessing.
    Liv xo

  3. you made me cry! how i wish i had had you at my 3 births! xx


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