Thursday, 27 June 2013


Today I had to cancel plans, plans I had been so looking forward to. Catching up with some of the girls and littles from my mothers' group who I haven't seen in a long time. I had an uneasy feeling when I woke that today would not go to plan. After Ruby had climbed in next to me, sometime around the stroke of six, the boys soon followed. Cole elbowed me in the boob. Bullseye to the nipple. The kind where you cry instantly. Oh yes, today was going to be brilliant.

Ruby stayed in bed for another half hour which is completely unlike her. She's been suppressing this horrible phlegmy cough all week because she knows if she coughs properly, she'll have to spit it out. So it's been building up to the point where a cough vomit is imminent if she doesn't get SOMETHING out.

Eliot has been unwell for more than a week now and while he has improved, he's still Master Crankypants.

Lunches were made and packed for our outing, bags and coats by the door. Every attempt made to dress the boys and get them out the door was met with a barrier. Tiny barriers all joining together to form one giant blockade to finally stop me in my tracks and think, I'm going to stop now. I stopped pushing, I stopped trying to dress them. I let them play with their trains. I called my friend and said we weren't going to make it. And she totally understood. She had to do it herself just yesterday.

I left the lunches packed by the door. We walked around the corner to the park for a lunchtime play. Within two minutes of arriving, Eliot flew down the big slide and straight off the end into a puddle. Soaking wet bum and back of his trouser legs. He barely noticed. The boys burnt some energy, we ate lunch, Eliot thought it would be fun to play with the dodgy drink fountain which shoots the water up to your mouth but also right down the sleeve of the arm that's pushing the button in. A third squirty bit shoots it down the front of your trousers. So now the front of his pants matched the back. I stripped him off, down to nappy, beanie and gumboots.. and put on his coat. Wrapped his legs up in the blanket.

Perhaps today has been like this for everyone. Off kilter. Crappy from the start. At least us Aussies anyway. It feels as though there's a dark cloud hanging over today after yesterday's political soap opera drama. I haven't heard anyone say ANYTHING positive about what went down yesterday. Except Rudd. Because he's his own number one fan.

I am certain I will never understand politics as long as I live. And most of me doesn't even want to. The behaviour of those involved usually makes me screw my face up in disgust or disbelief. Yesterday was no exception.

I am not an avid news watcher. Or paper reader. I am fairly happy living in my little bubble. I only learned of the leadership spill around 5.30 yesterday afternoon after getting home from swimming lessons. My mouth almost hit the keyboard as I read what had been happening throughout the day - and what was to come. I HONESTLY couldn't believe it. I could barely watch a minute of Rudd's speech claiming to be some sort of messiah we had all be waiting for. How short his memory must be.

I could never share my honest opinions of the complete fuck up that is our political climate, right now. Not eloquently anyway. Or devoid of profanity. So I'll let Beth do it. Because she does it SO damn well. And yes - yes Beth, I would prefer to bleach my own arsehole before talking about this stuff AGAIN.

I'm off to NOT watch the news, to NOT see what old, recycled bullshit Rudd has come up with to flaunt himself as the greatest leader that ever walked. I have to catch up on the Revenge Finale. Kind of a theme going on there, huh?

*Chubbiest of chubby baby legs belonging to my nephew have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING. But they make me smile. And we all need a smile today.
*I think Pip had the right idea too.
*And did you see this?
*Apologies for the shameless self promotion. Actually, not really.


  1. Oh, well said! What a horrid scene of immaturity and back stabbing our politics has become. Regardless of Julia's flaws, no one deserves to be spoken about in such a disgustingly critical way.

  2. Oh Tahnee....what a day! Ouch to the nipple bullseye and dang about having to cancel that catch up...sometimes as mother's the play-date is just as important to us as the kids. I couldn't believe the irony in the politics last night...such back stabbing individuals...great! And we have them running our country....I didn't watch the speech either...I couldn't bare to see Kevins look of smugness! Oh...totally different topic...are you heading to the Voices Masterclass on Sat? If you are...I'll see you there...Hope your Friday is a blast ;-) xx

    ps - Oh those chubby legs xx

  3. I could eat those chubby legs. I call the creases "pleats", all of my kids have had them in abundance.
    And the nipple crush, i'm with you, got my own dose this morning. They get it every time!
    Rudd Rudd Rudd.....what a bloody fool he is. She is no better. I'm lost for words. The only laugh we got out of it was their concerned 'love child' (check out the last photo of my last post)
    Liv xo

  4. I started feeling violently ill after you know how came on the screens and kept changing the channel. I was glad I was out to dinner during it all because oh dear lord I'm over it, just like I think we all are. My mum got rung up to do a poll on the telephone yesterday about Australia politics and one of the choices was for Rudd: d.) never heard of him.

    Wish we could all say that.

    I hope your Friday is a much better day <3


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