Friday, 28 June 2013

loving lately

It's Friday! End of term! Can't form sentences! Watched Revenge! Cliffhanger agony! Daniel killed Aiden? Sister and I disagree! Voices Masterclass tomorrow! Then work! Then collapse on couch! Stay in PJs indefinitely! Holidays!!!!!!

The list!

Motherhood with a Camera / powerful stuff
Wildflowers Photography / the Prouty family's first few weeks on the road
El Hogan's studio build / greeeen and noted for dream build
Can we all just pull our socks up? / Pip's eloquent words
Good news / happy hearts
Updates / tiny limbs
Tried this / yum
SYTYCD / season 213 / still loving it
The Time of Our Lives / the husband thinks I would enjoy it / are you?

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Yay for end of term! I have been looking forward to it for it for weeks. I like your idea of PJ holidays. I think my kids would love it too.

  2. hello my lovely...we aren't at the collapse for summer quite yet! Have a lovely/busy/collapsed but beautiful weekend! just linked your 52 portraits as my faves. xxx excited to follow these links...will wait till kids have disappeared to play xxx

  3. Thank you for the sweet mention, friend! I almost didn't notice until I was re-reading some of your past posts. I always feel like I'm in such a rush trying to read my favorite blogs in the morning while I'm half-distracted from these children of mine. It's nice to make a cuppa and head to bed with my laptop and do some good old fashioned catching up :) hope you had a lovely weekend x


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