Monday, 3 June 2013

kids were here / june 2013

'When I first began this project, I thought it would be fun to document the everyday messes my children make. As the weeks have passed, this project has really become so much more than that.
It's not really about messes at all, but about the stories they tell. It's about traces of childhood I see throughout my home on a daily basis. It's about the love we share together. It's about living and being... creating, making, learning and trying. This project leaves me a beautiful story each month of the reminders that Kids are here now... and the time, well, it's all too fleeting, isn't it? We all need to embrace these moments and just live them too; because they really are the best moments of life.'  ~Ginger Unzueta

Another month has passed and I've still been snapping away here and there as I see traces of my children and their childhood left around our home. You can see how the pros do it over here.

Have you been snapping too? Make sure you share your beautiful stories with these wonderful creatives over here.


  1. I love this! My classic 'Kids Were Here' snaps would come from my car and from under the covers of my bed! I often find a toy or stuffie in the middle of the night.

    Sophie xo

  2. I love these photographs, such a beautiful collection. This is the stuff memories are made of :) What a lovely idea.

  3. The car in the fridge - we have those too! Love the star in the washing machine. All gorgeous vignettes of kid-life.

  4. I can relate to most of that, but a truck in the fridge, not yet. lol.

  5. WOW!! This is hilarious!!!

  6. I know these scenes exist in every house but your magic is to make them appear just so beautiful
    I've taken some this month - I'll share tomorrow

  7. Oh, Tahnee what a fantastic idea. I love this perspective. It truly is amazing what you see when you take the time to slow down and look xx

  8. I love this. Im following a long with the Kids were here blog and think its such a wonderful idea.
    Hopefully I'll get my own up on my blog soon.

    PS - Love the star in the washing machine. Hahaha Completely random!

  9. Ginger's quote is one to keep in mind isn't it. Too soon this stage will all be over. I absolutely love these images Tahnee. I have been clicking away, but have yet to put them together.
    Soon xo


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