Friday, 26 April 2013

stuff + nonsense

This week feels all over the shop. Wednesday and Thursday were holidays and my brain has been hurting trying to remember what I am meant to be watching on the box each night, having to stop and think what day it is. Life is so tough.

Wednesday was a student free day so we could attend semester one progress reviews at school. I was proud of myself that I managed to hold it all together as her teacher told me what a delight she is to teach and how wonderfully she's doing, surpassing milestones she would expect at this stage. You know that stinging eyes/weird mouth movement thing you get when your kid does something incredible whether miniscule or monumental? Yeah, that. We celebrated with lattes (she likes to call her baby chino a latte), sushi, jam donuts, and new painting books.

Kate made me think I should revisit my childhood, and perhaps introduce the kids to toffee apples. She's such a good influence.

I tried Pip's tuna bake for dinner tonight. I've made tuna mornay and tuna pasta bake, but never just tuna bake. The kids were divided but we adults agreed it was delicious. I substituted carrots for the celery, added dill, used smoked paprika through the mixture as well as on top of the crumble and mixed parmesan and colby cheese. This one will be great for the occasions when I feed the kids early and eat with hubby after they're in bed.

Can someone please explain to me why you would take your baby out on a freezing cold day without anything on their feet? This has ALWAYS pissed me off. Even before I was a mother. And now with the weather turning, I am seeing it so often, I just don't get it. I have to stop myself from going up to ask the mother - who of course is rugged up, top to toe - scarf, cardi, SOCKS AND BOOTS. I get that itty bitty socks get kicked off. That's why they invented onesies - with feet! Heard of them? Ingenious! I want to buy a truckload and walk around handing them out to parents of babies with blue feet.

We got NBN this week. I do believe the husband used the word lightening as we tested it out. The weird part is the wires and boxes that are installed. You know on the ad, they make it look all nice and neat, on the OUTSIDE of your house? Big fat liars. It has to be INSIDE your house. It's ugly. But apparently it is becoming the norm to have them installed in your garage where you don't have to witness the ugliness. So that's what we did. So far, I'm a big fan.

Are you watching Elementary? My goodness, I can't get enough. Jonny Lee Miller is fabulous. Maybe I meant delicious. Deliciously fabulous. And Lucy Liu, equally so. Never did I see a ponytail with so much bounce. Captivating viewing. Even just the ponytail. I usually have to hide behind a blanket at some point during the first five minutes when they find the dead bodies, but apart from that, I love it. I will be bitterly disappointed if he should never confess his undying love for her.

Eliot drew on the wall yesterday. I should be impressed it has taken nearly six years before one of my children thought it would be a good idea to draw on the wall. Hurrah! I've been told by those in the know, that GUMPTION is what I need. It's on my shopping list. I'm a little sad the pencil tins have to be put out of kid reach for a while..

You're going to make toffee apples too, yes?
Do babies with bare feet irk you as much as me?
Are your ugly NBN boxes installed in your garage too?
Do you share my love of all things Sherlock?
Are you experienced with GUMPTION?


  1. I dress my 6mth old baby in onesies ALL the time. I get so many comments about how he is out and about still in this pajamas.....

  2. Hey! It has been a weird week huh? Allllll over the place here too.

    Toffee Apples? YES PLEASE.

    At the very least, cover the feet with a blanket people! You'll be pleased to know I plan on rugging our baby up to the absolute nines. The prospect of our first winter baby in Victoria has sent me into a onesie frenzy :)

    No NBN here yet - but it WOULD be going in the garage with all the other unsightly boxes of stuff we have in there!

    We ADORE Sherlock. Not sure J would use the word adore, but I will anyway...And we're all caught up with the US episodes so now I'm hanging out to watch the latest one tonight!

    Gumption will not disappoint :)

    And also, big congrats to Ruby for being such a super star - how proud you must be!!


  3. I am all over the place! Just ask Lou, I had a moment of panicked confusion this morning at her place thinking it was Monday. Argh! Go Rubes! Go you! And... not so awesome about E! Bugger. Haven't seen Elementary, Derek has downloaded a few for me but I am still getting through the last few eps of Grey's and Downton. It's a hard life.

    Happy Friday!

  4. I had gumption out today, not for the pencil marks, but for the marks my dependent adults create in the walls when they bump things into them without thinking.

  5. I will have to get my hands on some of that gumption! Looks like it works wonders.
    On the subject of sockless feet, I totally share your anger! The rule is always dress the kiddies one layer warmer than yourself. So sad seeing those cold toed kiddies although I have seen far worse :( these kiddies of ours need a whole lot of love.

  6. Sherlock tragic here! I do watch Elementary but I love Benedict too much - he is the 'real' Sherlock.

    I have been on a shoe buying frenzy for Frankie's first Kyneton winter. Socks + shoes or socks and sleeping bag are about the only way to avoid blue toes around here. Chilly babies make me sad more than mad - and I'm sure I've had a few pitying looks when we walk down the street and Frankie has her hat in her hand rather than on her head - she won't listen to my 'HAT ON!' until those ears feel a gust of icy wind (then mama is right and the hat stays on).

  7. Go Ruby!

    I had to google NBN, so can't imagine we're getting one anytime soon, if we do it'll be in the garage too!

    The bare feet thing kills me too, whats wrong with people?

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!



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