Saturday, 27 April 2013

spoiling me

I have never bought a decent handbag. My sister worked for Sportsgirl HQ for years and through their buying and designing for new seasons and lines, they were privy to sample sales and freebies every other week. She was wonderfully generous in passing on these freebies, and chunks of her wardrobe when new season samples needed to be squeezed in. I would estimate three quarters of my wardrobe came from my sister. I'm not complaining. I think every handbag I have had over the past five years came from Sportsgirl. And was free. And now, my sister has moved to a fancy pants high end fashion label and the freebies are no longer. Sob. I have to PAY for clothes. Gasp! And handbags. This would be perfectly okay if I could actually find a handbag that I liked. Wow there are some hideous bags out there. This is not one of them.

Isn't she beautiful? I think she should be delivered to me in bed this Mother's Day, by my precious smalls, preferably sometime after 10am. Too easy. After years of not paying for beautiful handbags, I shouldn't worry about the price tag and indulge a little.

Before I put her in my basket and head to the checkout, I need to know - what's the best handbag you've ever had? I need details, people. I need to know if there's something better out there for me. It has to be big. You know I have to fit all that kid guff in it, drink bottle, snacks, matchbox cars, as well as my camera on some days. Help me out ladies!


  1. She's lovely Tahnee! I'm in the same boat as you. I've had a hard time finding something I like... It's gotten to the point that my lining in my current bag is slowly unraveling and my wallet - well it doesn't hold coins anymore! I found a lovely bag through Oroton and have fallen in love. It does have a hefty price tag on it too but I'm trying to justify it to myself saying that it will last me a while and that I would look totally fabulous rockin' that bag! My only suggestion would be to steer away from lighter colours as scuff marks and pen and texta marks tend to "appear" on it! Just like magic!

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I'm loving that olive colour :)

  2. I have a hard time with bags. They seem like such a big purchase...both because of the price tag and because it becomes a part of your outfit every day. The pressure to find a perfect bag gets to me and I end up with no bag at all! Or rather I end up with the same ratty one I have been carrying for years!
    I do like this one though...I love the option of the long strap or the short strap.
    I say do it...Happy Mothers Day to you!

  3. Buy that bag immediately, it is gorgeous! I have a great "Mummy bag", you know the deep kind that fits everything I and Jackson needs in it! I bought it from Country Road years ago once Jackson moved out of nappies and the luggage can reduce. Good bags are hard to find and a quality bag will last you for years.

  4. oh yes! I've had my eye on this one for a while (but in a different colour). Hope the mothers day fairy is kind to you!

    rachel xo

  5. Yum! I bought home a similar bag recently, the Juniper Satchel in cobalt blue from Trennery. It has some similarities to this one in that it has the dual straps and a deep body - for all that kiddie stuff. I was given vouchers and it was on sale, your right it is hard to spend money on big ticket items for yourself. So I do hope it comes to you for Mother's day. xx R


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