Monday, 4 March 2013

preview :: Chan's Dumpling Festival 2013

Yesterday I witnessed a Guinness World Record being broken. And it was my job to document it. With a turnaround time of overnight, I'm exhausted. Body aching, eyes stinging exhausted. When I've had time to recover, I'll share some more with you. Until then, here's a handful of the beautiful colour explosion that was, Chan's Dumpling Festival 2013.


  1. Oh I was there, it was so much fun. Hot .. but fun.

  2. Oh my gosh, the most gorgeous photos and looks like a brilliant event!!


  3. Wishing I was at this magical dumpling festival... it looks so colorful and perfect!! You did such a perfect job capturing the uniqueness of it all xx

  4. Looks magnificent! These images are gorgeous, Tahnee!

    Sar x

  5. you have captured this in spectacular photographic work - your eye through the lens is terrific. xxx

  6. oh wow those are amazing! i adore the face staring out from inside the dragon...what a shot! xxxxx


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