Sunday, 3 March 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Ruby :: my girl's beautiful face - the result of a charming classmate who threw his hat at her..
Cole :: they desperately wanted icy poles - which I forgot to buy - then they found hydralite slippery sams hiding in the freezer.. gross
Eliot :: cheeky, cheeky boy

One of Jodi's readers made the suggestion that we join her in choosing a weekly favourite from a fellow 52 Project participant. Last week for me, it was Catherine's beautiful girls. The cheeky grin and the goggles just had me!


  1. Oh yes Eliot you cheeky boy! He looks like he's trying to make fart noises then blame it on someone else.
    Poor Ruby, hope she was ok.
    I hope today was just as awesome as you are x

  2. Hi Tahnee, Just popped over from Jodi's blog. Gorgeous pics! I especially love that third one - cheeky cheeky grin :-) Mel x

  3. Oh first time here and some sweet little munchkins you have there. Beautiful blog and beautiful space you create..xx

  4. So bright and colorful this week! I'm swooning x

  5. there is always such a beautiful light to your photos x

  6. Such beautiful children and such a handsome little Eliot looking very much like he has something up his bare sleeve. I love that I can feel such warmth in your photos. and I love the idea of choosing a weekly favourite too. I will do that next week.

  7. Eliot - you are a cheeky one!!!!

  8. My gosh, love Eliots cheeky face!! Beautiful shots. x


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