Tuesday, 5 February 2013

weekend love

The weekend was busy and quiet. You know those ones? Yep. Busy preparing our biggest two for their big first days, and managing some lovely quiet spells in between the busy. The most notable of our weekend tasks was cutting three inches off Big's golden locks. Really, I would have been quite happy to continue with the greenish tinge she's been sporting through summer thanks to her fish-like tendencies, never mind the split ends and ever-increasing knot fests.. it was desperate for a healthy chop as much as I hated doing it. Of course there was documentation before we headed to the hairdresser's and again, of course, looking through the photos late Sunday evening I felt a little ill, wondering what I had done. Her blondest bits left on the hairdresser's floor. Never to return. Unless she decides to try a blonde phase somewhere in her teenage years.

Playing along with Em for the first time this year. (I'd be joining Lou too if her linky was working!)


  1. wonderful peek into your weekend!! Those buiscuts look yum and hoping your week ahead with big ones at school is bliss!!

  2. Oh hello you cheeky boys!!
    It sounds like your weekend was quite the productive one. They're always good. I hope today went well and you had plenty of hugs and cake! I needed cake yesterday, but I resisted. I don't know if I was being strong of just stupid!!

  3. love that last picture, those faces are just priceless. a busy and quiet weekend here too - i do so know what you mean. hope those first days go well. I'm sure they will. x

  4. lovely shots. i adore the beautiful back/plait photo. beautiful kidlets mama xx


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