Thursday, 21 February 2013

birthday boy

This was meant to be a weekend love post. Seeing as it's now THURSDAY, seems a bit silly to call it that..

While he showed no sign of noticing, Eliot's birthday was a little disjointed. Hubby had been working interstate for a week and arrived home mid morning - almost to the minute when our boy had arrived into the world, two whole years ago. Then in the afternoon Ruby went off to a friend's birthday party - whose invitation had already been accepted before I even noticed it was on Eliot's birthday. I'm totally in the running for Mother of the Year.

He woke (far too early thanks to his sister) to a lounge room floor full of balloons, and a little pile of lovely presents. He wore his big brother's recycled birthday crown (mama was too exhausted to create another) as we shared pancakes with homemade honey - his favourite - and waited for daddy to arrive home, bearing more gifts from the Apple Isle. It was another hot one in Melbourne so it was mostly quiet afternoon play in the cool of the air conditioner, with pizza for dinner and a two-two train cake for dessert. I was less than impressed with my efforts for his first birthday cake last year. You see, on the day of his party last year we had Tim come in the morning, and then had the party in the afternoon. Instead of holding his party the day after Tim was to come, I thought it a good - and perhaps noble - idea to have these two huge events on the same day, in order to save family having to travel over to our side of the city, twice in two days. Sometimes it is completely necessary to ignore all noble instincts and THINK ONLY OF YOURSELF. Lesson learnt (always the bloody hard way, yes?!). It was too much in one day. Just too much. Something I had waited so long for suffered (through nobody's fault but my own) and Eliot's poor cake suffered too. Like a cake is that important.. but it is to me. I love to make an effort for the kids because they love it so. And my mum did the very same for us when we were children. Getting to choose our cake out of the Women's Weekly Birthday Cake Book every year. Hello Memory Lane.

He's all about the traaaaaaiiiiins at the moment, so I got to do my very first train cake, on a number two shaped track. Simple to construct and fun to put together. As I brought it to the table, his little eyes lit up like firecrackers as he squealed 'trrrrrraaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin'. We lit the candles, over and over again, the kids picked at the carriage loot and filled the remaining gaps in their bellies with delicious cake. More cake was devoured for breakfast the following morning. As it should be.


  1. Ohhhhh Bless - Happy Birthday gorgeous boy. Those curls ..... OMG Those baby curls. I hope he had a wonderful day Tahnee, your beautiful photos certainly look like he did. xx

  2. That cake is A M A Z I N G ! he is such a cutie X

    Is that a new camera I spy?

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Eliot. Look at how much you've grown! I love that little grin of his on Paul's knee. I just want to give him a big birthday smooch!
    The cake is sensational! You have so much attention to detail. I love it! This sounds like the perfect way to spend celebrating a two year old's birthday.
    I'm all about the cake too. I'm racking my brain as to what to do for Mila.
    Hope you're having a great week.

  4. Happiest birthday to little E! And yes, that clock does have an eerie resemblance to an ungodly hour I was awake on the weekend, too! At least yours was for noble reasons lol.

  5. That cake is absolutely amazing!
    It looks like it was a wonderful birthday!

    I am planning a second birthday party too...debating between trains and Peppa Pig...leaning towards Peppa Pig though as I never get to do anything pink!

    And I love your photos...the shot of Thomas with the peanut butter is especially charming...perhaps I think so because I see that same "vignette" daily in our house!

    1. haha it's funny you say you are debating between trains and peppa pig cakes.. same here! his cake for his party will be a peppa-esque cake because his love of trains is closely followed by peppa and george :) x

  6. this is absolutely beautiful! & the cake! what a great idea.
    happy birthday to your baby!


  7. That cake is all sorts of amazing, Tahnee.
    I still can't get my head around that popcorn smoke.... how did you make it stay up like it's floating!?
    Ronnie xo

  8. Happy birthday! I love your crown and your cake the most, but you probably love your camera which is just like mumma's! x

  9. Happy birthday Eliot! That cake is amazing Tahnee, great job! Hope you're loving the new camera and you all enjoy the celebrations. xo


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