Sunday, 17 February 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.

Ruby :: Saturday morning snoozing.. the school routine is beginning to take it's toll
Cole :: cake for breakfast (a day-after-birthday-must)
Eliot :: my golden haired TWO year old


  1. Poor little Ruby! I want cake too... and those wispy curls!

    Sophie xo

  2. What is it about sleeping children they look so angelic. Lovely photos - loving 52.

  3. Ruby looks so peaceful sleeping, I hope she's enjoying school. Cake for breakfast I bet loved it and those curls are just adorable, neither of my girls had curls completely straight hair here. xx

  4. I love those curls!
    My baby boy has gorgeous curls...and I just can't get a good photo of them! I keep trying but I cannot capture their wildness!

    How beautiful are kids when they are sleeping...just gorgeous.

    And cake is the breakfast of champions!

  5. you take such lovely photos, it makes me feel like i am there in your home x

  6. gosh i love the colour and tone in your photographs, tahnee - so beautiful...i don't even want to think about how quickly two will come x

  7. Gorgeous photos, look at the golden curls on your two year old! and I like lightening mcqueen, I hope he enjoyed the cake too!

  8. I wish my little newbie schoolgirl would take a nap too, Tahnee. They are exhausted by this school business, aren't they!?

    Your children will one day be do grateful that their talented mum a has so beautifully captured their childhood through her lens. x

  9. such beautiful images Tahnee! love the day after birthday cake for breakfast

  10. Oh its so hard to get into the school time routine.. its so exhausting! I don't blame her for getting a cat nap on saturday! How are you doing with it? As a 1st time school mum I am finding it exhausting!!! \

    Gorgeous curls and what a waste it would be to not eat the rest of the birthday cake! xxxx

  11. I am totally about cake for breakfast anytime I can make an excuse for it! And such gorgeous photos of your sleeping babe and that TWO year old! What! :)


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