Monday, 10 December 2012

weekend love

Our weekend began at great heights. With each passing hour it deteriorated. Tired bodies, tired minds, TIRED. Isn't that just life? Keepin it real? So you don't get too ahead of yourself? Solo parenting is exhausting enough when it's just your usual routine. Throw in Christmas, lists that are far too long, and a looming organisational deadline that will see us leave this bloody hot-cold-hot-colder-cold weather in our wake and head for the beach. With proper, constant, EVEN temperatures. Sunshine, swimming, family, relaxation.

I am expecting the wheels to fall off sometime around Thursday. I am praying I can make it to Sunday. I think I can, I think I can..

So I hope your weekend was far more enjoyable? Do tell.

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*Despite the shitfulness of the weekend's events, I DID tick off my list and throw it in the bin. Albeit in the wee hours of this morning..
*DIY nativity scene found at Veronica's (who is having some archive trouble at the moment), from here
*Red and white pattern covered hair ties in Ruby's plaits gifted from beautiful friends, also from the lovely Veronica!


  1. Start chanting 'I know I can... I know I can!' I love your pictures Tahnee :) Your reindeer stamping the other day inspired my own Weekend Love with my daughter Sunny! Isn't there something magical about fairy lights!

    Sophie xo

  2. beautiful lady. thanks so much for thinking of me. so good to see your kids enjoying that nativity scene. it is a good one! and those hair bands - what a surprise. your photos are lovely. you always tell a good story with them. hope monday is a little slower for you. xo

  3. I've printed off the nativity scene to via Veronica, can't wait to put it together. Hope your week is a restful one and not too hectic.

  4. Tired is right! I gave Ruby the choice whether or not she wanted to go to kinder today. She chose to go, but I can a lot of movie watching over the next week! I hope you find some rest. Sometimes the lists need to just go and bugger off don't they.
    Your house looks so magical in all its Christmas glory. Gorgeous, gorgeous photo's. Is Cole cross in the picture of Ruby holding the cushion? He's folding his arms like Jenson when he's cross, and then he says' "Look at my face!". So cute.
    And those hair tyes. Adorable.
    Hang in there hon, you'll be swimming before you know it (perhaps in more ways than one) xoxoxo

  5. Two many days of burning the candle are both ends has left me feeling a little's not the festive season that is doing my head in but the million other things I kept adding to that never ending list.
    Cute nativity, must print one off for my lot. I seriously NEED to find some glass baubles too :)
    Hope your week is a little gentler Tahnee.
    Tammi x

  6. All a little tired here too, glad you got that list ticked off! you can do it! xo

  7. Glad you are ticking things of your list. We are to, albeit a little slowly.

  8. Your your beautiful fairy-lit children are enough to make me feel a little less weary too. x

  9. love that nativity scene! is it a printable! oh happy days when you stop and take photos of the spilt popcorn and milk instead of scream and rush to pick it up! next time I'm going to opt for the camera too xx

  10. i love the nativity set, you place looks the same as mine just minus some kids.

  11. Gosh I love your photos! Especially when one of them has my album in it. Your christmas craft ideas are the best, everytime I look at my favourite blogs (your's included) I get so inspired. x

  12. oh the long days with on your own, I know you can, I know you can. Hope the last few days were a little smoother. House looks lovely all Christmas-ed up. Big hugs R x


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