Sunday, 2 December 2012

weekend love

:: morning bubbles
:: daddy dress-ups
:: baking
:: kindy family Christmas party
:: advent begins
:: crafting
:: wrapping paper stamping
:: carols
:: rice bubble tipping (always with the tipping..)
:: no drip ice creamery
:: late night stamping and wrapping (while watching Love Actually of course)
:: tinsel
:: play
:: swings
:: early Christmas presents

Apparently it was the weekend. I really only felt it this afternoon when everything stopped and we enjoyed an early Christmas lunch with my in-laws as we won't see them for the real deal. The sun was shining, there was a gentle breeze, the kids ran and ran, cups of tea were sipped and finished - while still hot! - and early Christmas presents were enjoyed.

I have so many photos waiting to be turned into posts, both ordinary and festive. I know. Can you believe it - MORE photos?! Cray cray. I wonder what a normal amount of photos to take is? Positive I am far, far from normal. I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping and yet I still feel anxious thinking about everything else still to do before we head north. Days are disappearing faster than I can say PayPal. Online shopping is THE BOMB. This is the first year I have done it properly and I like it. I also like that the postie delivers on a SUNDAY in December. That's happiness.

I'm not really ready for another week to start. But the nutcracker in my kitchen window keeps stealing days from me, so I say BRING IT! I am positive loads can be done on the high of fairy lights and coffee. And Glee carols. That's a given.

So what's your favourite wrapping movie? And carols album?

Joining in with lovely Lou for Point + Shoot
And for the first time, joining the gorgeous Em, with her fancy pants Christmas header - and breaking the rules a little (technically these are weekEND stills rather than WEEKLY) but I'm sure she won't mind


  1. Your photos are really amazing - you capture simple moments but they always look so stunning. I bought a new Christmas CD over the weekend - can't wait to start blasting it! Have a great week! xo

  2. Tahnee I love your photos and there are never enough! Your blog is the first thing that comes up on my Google browser every morning when I log into my computer. I really enjoy seeing your posts every day. My favourite is Michael Buble's Christmas Album and it has already had a good workout this year so far.

  3. gosh your photos are gorgeous tahnee, who cares how many you have! you are such a beautiful, mindful mama, your lucky kids. i adore christmas music, secretly play it in the car all year round. i am loving michael buble like a nana, i also love the old favourites (frankie, bing etc), but i came across ertha kitt singing santa baby the other day, awesome! and the glee one is pretty great too. just not mariah. please not mariah. have an ace week lovely! :)sarah

  4. Incredible images Tahnee. What a wonderful way to capture such treasured times x

  5. Don't you just love the Glee cast! We're making our own rapping paper this week too! I love that little icream shop :)

    Sophie xo

  6. Lovely photos as always.

    Lots of online shopping done here too & I was happily suprised to get a package on a Sunday!

  7. your photos are divine...and i think a lot of us suffer from "TTMP" (aka taking too many photos)... I've finished my shopping to - online shopping saved me the headache of venturing out into the shopping centres. i love it! love the idea of having a movie to wrap up gifts too... I think the kids would pic something like the wizard of oz...not very chrismassy but still the sing-a-long is good. I'm going to have to get the glee carols out though x

  8. 1. Rice bubbles - Always with the tipping. Why use a spoon when you can pick it up and drink it all?!
    2. Love Actually - Actually Love!!
    3. I will never, ever get bored of looking at your photo's. It's why I always look forward to your posts. Keep up with the cray cray amounts :)
    4. Looking forward to seeing you and your beautiful trio xo

  9. Lovely photos - and I adore your advent calendar!

  10. Such amazing photographs! I love the way you can simply capture a moment in time, with such crisp clarity - almost like I was there when the kids were playing or opening the gifts. Thank you for sharing!

  11. Oh yes, I too am guilty of photo overload when clicking. Love how your images tell a complete story.
    Your advent tree is amazing as is your wrapping paper. Hope you manage to catch your breath this coming week.

  12. lovely pics, Tahnee! I'm a big fan of your Christmas tree snaps :) Just downloading some Glee Christmas carols now, thanks for the link! x

  13. dude, you have NO IDEA how thrilled I am to have skilful you breaking the rules on my dorky linky! Look at your amazing photo's - totally beautiful.

    thanks again, m'lady :)\\xo em

  14. Tahnee these are all just stunning, your photos are always so full of fun. I love your bokeh lights very very cool. And online shopping is great, spent ages looking but got quite a few done, so much better than walking around the shops. Have a great week. xx

  15. Stunning captures Tahnee. I love all your crafty projects, especially the advent tree, it is beautiful.
    x laura

  16. gorgeous Tahnee! {I copied you and linked up with Em too} xo

  17. She & Him's Christmas album is BLISS. Like these photos! x

  18. I have a Nat King Cole Christmas record I have been playing on my Grandma's old record player-- lovely and crackly....lovely blog!


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