Monday, 3 December 2012

how to :: reindeer stamped wrapping paper

It's been a while since we've done some seriously fun potato stamping. Whoever decided to cut open a spud and stamp it in some paint was a genius. {I cannot help but think of Daddy Pig doing this. You know the one?!} One of the activities on our advent calendar activity list is make potato stamped wrapping paper. So on Saturday we decided this would be the activity of the day. Until I realised we had no potatoes. Not even any maggety old ones in the bottom of the pantry. So we used the next best thing - garden rocks! Obviously the surface area was not as optimal as a spud, but the kids couldn't have cared less. Rocks were found, smocks went on, art tablecloth went down, paint was squeezed, away they went.

Ruby had a good go at turning the little coloured splodges into reindeer. She was highly unimpressed with my no-mouth-reindeer. That would never do! She converted a good patch (granted it was a pretty big piece of paper), and I finished the rest very late into the evening while enjoying Love Actually. Quite amazing how enjoyable it was transforming strangely shaped paint spots into little animals with just a few strokes of a permanent marker. You have to agree - they've got character, yes?

The good news is our potato stash was restored this morning. And there are plenty more potato stamped wrapping paper options ahead of us.

*I realise this a very loose 'how to'.. but really, I think it's pretty self explanatory!


  1. This paper is brilliant in all it's colourful glory. I actually thought you had used a thumb print but a stone is just as genius!

  2. Look at it! This is such a brilliant idea- you know, you are the master of brilliant ideas. I want a Milk Please Mum DIY cooking/photography/craft book!
    I may just have to try this to wrap some of the Grandma's presents from Sofia... they'll love it! :) xo

  3. Very cute! I thought they were thumb prints at first. Thanks for sharing. I'll definately be giving this a go :)

    Sophie xo

  4. Fabulous idea! And how brilliant is 'Love Actually'?! I was thinking yesterday it is almost time to whip that dvd out x

  5. your always up to some good crafting. i love this and i love 'Love Actually' alot!! xo

  6. Great idea! my little ones would love this! xo


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