Monday, 17 December 2012

chest puffing

So, it would appear you guys love handmade goodies as much as I? Thanks for all the love on yesterday's edible gifting post.

Quite a while ago a did a roundup post of my favourite photographers. Stacy was high on my list - and still is. Every time I visit, she blows me away. SO inspirational. So imagine my surprise when I shamelessly plug aforementioned edible gifting post on Instagram this morning, and she comments on how fab it is and asks if she can use the link for a guest post? ON HER BLOG. Did you hear me? I said, ON HER AWESOME OF MOST AWESOMENESS BLOGS. Yep. How ridiculous. I do believe there was chest puffing.

Even though my chest puffing is totes important in your busy christmassy schedules, what's more important is if you missed said roundup post and you don't know who Stacy is. Fix that, people - stat!

*yes, I am rehashing photos because I am on holidays and away from my beloved mac, and Lightroom library. Meanwhile, the beach, pool and afternoon seabreeze are satisfactory indeed.
*you can find me on Instagram at milkpleasemum.

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  1. You should definitely be doing chest puffing those images are just beautiful and getting a mention on Stacy's blog is soo cool her blog is gorgeous I love visiting it. Hope you are enjoying your holiday, we've been having some great swimming weather. x


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