Thursday, 13 December 2012

chapter's end

It was a wonderful, wonderful chapter. The kindergarten chapter.

And there has been tears now that it's all over. I cannot believe it's all over. She skipped out of the classroom without turning back. Just the way she should have, just the way we're raising her to. While I didn't feel the same connection with her teachers this year, as I did last year, I still had to catch my breath as I farewelled them for the final time. At the very end, in many years to come, these two women will have played small, but very important parts, in the great broadwayesque production that will be, The Education of Our Baby Girl.

She is so confident. SO confident. And so ready for school. She cannot wait to spend all day at school. I can. I will miss her half days of kindy. I will miss her spending all day at home, with me. I will miss her constant chatter. I will miss her singing. I will miss her impromptu dance performances. I will miss being able to kiss and cuddle her whenever I want to. I will miss seeing her with her brothers. I will miss her little helping hands. I will miss her. I will miss her terribly.

How can a heart handle so much? So much of everything. So much emotion. So much emotion there are not enough words. This parenting thing is the hardest thing in the world.

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  1. Love your words. It's so true, the love we have for our kids is just so so strong. My daughter is only almost 2 and I am dreading the kindy and impending school days as I know ill miss her so much! Beautiful girl you have :)


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