Monday, 19 November 2012

weekend love

I fear a lovely slow weekend will be a distant friend between now and late December. I love this time of year, but loathe the full schedule that inevitably comes with it. I love catching up with friends for end of year gatherings, but not the piggy back style that is required to fit everybody in before everyone disperses for holiday adventures. I love the actual attendance and relaxing chit chat of the gatherings, but not the rushing around either side for food prep or racing to make bedtime before the kids turn into werewolves.

I've had a headache for three days, I'm tired. Between the mums at kindy and friends around me, we are all feeling much the same. We push on. Our Christmas tree is going up this weekend and the halls will be decked. Fairy lights are a sure fire spirit lifter.

We were busy bees over the weekend. We went to my niece's sixth birthday on Saturday - at the Golden Arches - FOR LUNCH ON A SATURDAY. Yep. The word ZOO came to mind several times throughout the party. I fell asleep putting Eliot to bed Saturday night when I should have been editing and making last minute gifts for our friends for the following day. Sunday was a bit of a blur between house chores and aforementioned food prep for the first of our Christmas gatherings. We caught up with hubby's uni friends bunch. Friends + wives + offspring, we are now a sizeable bunch.  Some we hadn't seen since Cole was six months old! We had a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine, with an early bbq dinner and Christmas presents for the kidlets. Hubby and I were absolutely buggered last night.

Have your Christmas parties started yet?

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  1. love all your pictures! looks like a busy but fantastic weekend! It's getting crazier and crazier at mine too - our weekend are getting booked up, and the planning and preparation for christmas in between. Given I am attempting a handmade approach to christmas it's a busy time here too x

  2. I'm sure Eliot just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Stop growing wee man!
    Yes, these next few weeks are going to fly. We WILL be wrecked!
    We are waiting for next weekend to put the tree up. But i can definitely feel it in the air. Had to put on a little bit of Bing yesterday! I look forward to seeing your Christmas home.
    Hopefully see you soon xo

  3. I love the photo of the candy canes and the hammer! A warm and sunny November seems like a lovely idea right about now :)

  4. It is a crazy time of year isn't it! I'm still trying to finalise Christmas shopping. I love the idea of using the kids paintings as wrapping paper! Such a lovely personal touch :)

    Sophie xo

  5. Your photos are so bright and cheery... warms me right up! We finally put up our Christmas tree, and a few fairy lights above our windows. No parties as of yet, but the craziness is upon us! (Soon, very soon!) :) x

  6. Oh I know that feeling Tahnee and with a persistent headache that has been plaguing me for days I am already overwhelmed at how fill my schedule is between now and the new year. Bring on the school holidays, at least that will give me a bit of a reprieve.
    Sounds like you guys had a fantastic weekend, gorgeous pics as always.


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