Sunday, 11 November 2012

weekend love

I'm buggered. It was a busy one. There are still plenty of things on my list I did not get to. So what's new?

There was great excitement at Chateau P on Saturday as beds were pulled apart to make way for THE BUNK as it had been lovingly referred to all week. THE BUNK translates to a midi sleeper which is like a loft bed at half height (mattress sits about 80cm from floor). Ruby and Cole love sharing together now. If their room had been a metre wider I think their king singles would have fit well together. But it was just a little squishy for my liking. The contents of Ruby's bookshelf have been filling - and overflowing from - our washing basket in the laundry since we sold her bookshelf six weeks ago. There was no room for it when they moved in together. It was driving me nuts!! I ummed and ahhed over what to get. I couldn't find anything I liked - correction - anything I liked within our budget, plus the full bunk height never sat well with me for Eliot's safety. He still shows no regard for the edges of things..

Aaaanyway, we bought the midi and had a shuffle. The kids are happy, they have room to move, I could swing a cat if we had one. Yippee! Room reveal down the track, they need some new art.

My sister in law turned 40 over the weekend and we celebrated with her today, enjoying a lovely relaxing lunch at Fitzroy Gardens in the sunshine and beautiful breeze. Melbourne shone today. Cousins played happily, ice cream was consumed (in Cole's case, 2), and a late bedtime was had due to rare afternoon sleeps from the eldest two. Ruby also got some new sandals. That she put back on with her pj's, after her shower. I told her no shoes on the bed. Why take them off when you can just hang them off the edge?

This week I've got a to-do-list as long as my leg. And they're pretty long. I'm psyched to start crossing. things. OFF!

So did you eat ice cream over the weekend? Do tell.

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  1. Lovely pictures! This must've been the weekend for celebrating 40th Birthdays all round! I celebrated a friends 40th on Saturday with a High Tea and our day carried on well into the evening...

    And as for ice creams - do cocktails with ice count?! I think that was my staple diet on Saturday!

    Love the cardboard boxesas part of play :) It's the simple things in life that count.

    Sophie xo

  2. I love all of the prints and posters in your kid's bedrooms makes it look so comfy and homely.
    I'm also loving your new header. xx

  3. lovely pictures! so bright and full of colour and I love the black and white ones too. beautiful! I'm so pleased I've stumbled across your lovely space here. x

  4. beautiful gorgeous pictures! we will be doing the bunk thing soon! sounds like you had a lovely weekend! i made my hubby a gaytime icecream cake and it was received well by kids and adults alike...who doesn't like ice-cream!!


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