Sunday, 4 November 2012

weekend love

Half of the weekend didn't feel very busy, yet whatever I was doing made me too busy to pick up my camera. Which is why this week's edition is light. The other half of the weekend I was paid to be busy. Yay.

So what did you get up to? Was your Saturday evening as riveting as mine? Watching You've Got Mail while doing about a year's worth of filing? I love living the high life.

AND - who watched House Husbands finale? My God the labour scene was brilliant! BRILLIANT!

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  1. Adore the pic of little one in the pasta sauce box. Just gorgeous! Have a brilliant Monday x

  2. I love the random sticker on the jeans, I'm always returning home and finding that one of us has been sporting a smiley face or Peppa Pig sticker!

  3. Loving the fun with Dad! Eliot has changed in the past few weeks. He's starting to look like a real little boy now.
    I could barely pick up the camera either. I instead had a shovel or a garden fork in my hand. My body is now very weary.
    The labour scene was very well done. Loved it.
    I thought I was bad with the filing :)
    Have a great week xo


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