Sunday, 4 November 2012

jageurs family :: preview

It's been a while between drinks. I got to play photographer again today. It was fun - and scary. But mostly fun. LOTS of fun.

*Dad and his boys - this shot was not prompted! I know Dad is either squinting or mid blink, but I still love it. Turns out big bro really does love little bro.


  1. Beautiful shots! I love the fifth picture - just such a lovely captured moment. x

  2. You captured som really lovely moments :)
    ELlen x

  3. There is not one photo you ever take that doesn't blow me away. I heart them. X

  4. Brilliant shots Tahnee! I love them all! xx

  5. Squuueeee! I'm so excited for you. These are beautiful images, and the colours are amazing. Are those business cards being printed??? xxxx

  6. captured beautifully ... i really love your pictures and all the best with your bump!


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