Thursday, 4 October 2012

farewell moo-lay, we'll miss you

I do love me a good baby mullet (pronounced moo-lay). And I think my Small has been sporting a pretty good one. Until Tuesday afternoon, when I decided it really was time to go. I didn't want to cut it, last baby and all. Those white blonde tips. But I knew it was time. Middle's hair grew out thick and evenly. Unfortunately the Small wasn't blessed quite the same. That middle section was going gangbusters and the sides never had a chance of catching up. I think Billy Ray Cyrus would have been proud.

So when did you pluck up the courage to chop your small's locks for the first time?!

*The pics of the mullet appearing really long, I had been pulling it - normally it doesn't look that bad because it curls up!


  1. I always found our children lost that look of innocence with their first cuts. I think Kaizer will follow in his brothers footsteps and have long hair until he's older though that said his curls become dreads if they aren't brushed so I might give in sooner.
    Your babe still as gorgeous as ever.

    I was having trouble commenting on Ruby's party...what a marvellous job you did. Seeing the photos kind of made me wish I was five again ;)

  2. eep! those curls, so sweet. the lady is only just growing some wisps now so no haircuts needed yet.

  3. Awww, I love his gorgeous blonde curls!

    Miss 3 has not had a hair cut yet. We are all happily avoiding it. Fortunately she has long, natural layers, and her baby curls helped to hide any uneven bits.

  4. Riley's was very similar! I never wanted to cut it and only did because everyone bullied me too. Looking back at pictures I wish I had cut it sooner, oh well... xx


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