Saturday, 1 September 2012

couch iss-yews

We need a new couch. We went couch shopping today.

The criteria:
3-3.5m round the corner/with chaise fabric modular
decent back height - above shoulders
decent depth from bum to knee
decent sinkage - it is very important I sit in a couch, not on it

I thought we would come home with some direction. Maybe even a deposit receipt after looking at some couches we had liked the look of online. We came home tired, confused and in need of caffeine. Plus three sleeping children.

The only store hubby didn't want to go into, we ended up in, as a what the hell, they can't be worse than we've seen sort of thing. Wouldn't you know it. There we found one. Right size, right sinkyness, right back height {what is with the low low back height everywhere?? or high back and shallow depth? seriously!}. But it's a cheapo. Cheapo because it's seriously on sale. And because it's not Australian made. Hubby suggested perhaps we should change our thinking and this should be a consideration. If we gave it five years, it would see us past the couch-jumping-grubby-hands-small-people phase. And then we could spend more on a really decent couch, maybe even custom made {because it would appear I am quite fussy in my quest for a decent couch - one that fits actual humans comfortably, you know?!}, when we don't have to worry about that lovely messy small people stuff anymore.

Thoughts people? Suggestions? Where did you get your lovely big, squishy couch from?

Couch craziness aside - happy first day of Spring! Yesssss.


  1. Oooh big decisions! So hard to get that balance between comfort and looks. I say go for the cheapo, crazy to spend too much money whilst the kids are little. That's why even though I would love a fabric sofa, I stick with leather as it is just easier to maintain with the boys. Our couches are from Freedom, as I used to work there and the staff discount was too good to pass up! xx

  2. Big stuff shopping does my head in. Just spent the weekend on BBQ quest 2012. Our 11 year old perfect couch was from freedom too. The covers are literally peeling themselves off now, so I bought some fabric to recover it.

  3. I don't envy your dilemma as we are having the same issue. We spent hours trawling all the furniture shops last year in the hopes of finding a new suite but everyone we looked at failed to pass the test. We have decided to hang on a few more years with the cheapo modular we purchased when we first moved to Australia until Kaizer is a little older.

  4. My lovely couch, though not squishy, is from King. And I love it. xx

  5. Umm I err on the side of waiting and buying the better quality item, especially if you plan to replace the cheeper one. Pro's and Con's for each. Let us know what you decide. Rxx

  6. Catching up on blog reading so you might have bought one by now but... We bought our couch in 2007 from home concepts in south Yarra ( when we lived in melb) but it was made by a local business called papillon furniture, maybe they'd make you one to order for a reasonable price?


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