Wednesday, 29 August 2012

snap it {new}

We have a three legged horse. Three and a half if we're talking specifics. No need to call the RSPCA. He doesn't live in the backyard. Just the farm animal basket. I admit, conditions aren't great but hey, he's got a roof over his head. His amputation happened quite a long time ago. Poor guy. I performed impressive surgery - he was four legged again for a while - but then another accident meant we had to accept the realisation that he would be forever different from the others.  Poor horsey has copped it from Middle lately about not being a very good horse. A horse should be able to stand up, people!

So today, we remedied our lame horse situation. Old Three Legs got to have a rest in the farm basket while we went out to buy two newbies. A stallion and a mare. And an elephant. He can live in the safari animal basket.

After our purchases we had another date with our doctor. When asked about his new horse, Middle proudly flipped Cole (yes, that's what he's named the horse.. original, no?) upside down and told doc that it was a boy horse because it had a wiwwy and a bottom!

The {new} GG's haven't left their owners' sides. Turning in for the night in the cramped farm animal basket with old Three Legs? No, no. It's all king singles and egyptian cotton flannie sheets, baby. I suspect it will be a while before they are relegated to basket conditions.

Check out what else is {new} this week, over at Sarah's.

*The detail on those Schleich animals is ridiculous.
** Look at those tiny horse shoes!
***Necessary to take so many pics of plastic animals? Meh


  1. Never fails to make me laugh... ;) your children are the sweetest!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Tahnee...the old AND the new! Love your photos, as always xo


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