Sunday, 19 August 2012


Snort. A proud little day for me at MPM headquarters this quiet Sunday, losing my guest post blogging virginity over at Jen's. I was so flattered when she asked me to contribute to her beautiful space while she's away, soaking up festival fever, nestled amongst lovely company in her five favourite bloggers. What a treat. If you have time, I'd love for you to stop by.

Thanks again for letting me join in, Jen! x

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your farm experiences over at jen's- how cool! Go you! People should definitely keep asking you to post :-)

    If I ever take a longer trip you're on my go-to list <3

  2. Just wanted to say what a lovely guest post you wrote over @ little birdie and what a lovely blog you have too. Looking forward to following your adventures in the future. Have a happy week! RM x

  3. Gorgeous image, off to visit Jen now, love Posie

  4. Lovely post at Little Birdie. Beautiful photos as always.
    Had never heard of Collingwood Children's farm until you posted about it, despite spending just over the first decade of my life in Melbourne.
    Heading down there next month to help nephew-wrangle, so might wrangle him and my little-Miss-3 there if the weather is kind to us.

  5. Loved your post Tahnee! We love the childrens farm! perhaps we should meet there one day? xx


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