Thursday, 21 June 2012


From hereon in, I hereby christen Thursdays at Chateau P to be Sushi Thursday. Homemade Sushi Thursday. Ruby's afternoon session of kindy means late pick up, which means later dinner, which means late bath, which means late bedtime. No, no. To keep things on track at that end of the day, I like to prepare dinner early so it can be served up the minute she and hubby walk through the door.

I have wanted to try making our own for a very long time, but it was just one of those things I never got around to. So easy. So cheap. So fun. The kids enjoyed it, and even with all that lovely sticky rice threatening to attach itself to absolutely everything, the production line was neat and clean up was swift.

Yep. Definitely Sushi Thursday.


  1. Um, YUM!

    Never dreamed of making my own from home...

    You are an inspiring lady! :)

  2. And they look so good too! Thursday night, sushi night. I like it! x

  3. i have tried making sushi once but this makes me def. want to do it again- yours looks pro!

  4. We love making sushi too - once you master the rice, it's an easy, healthy meal to put together.

    That's a beautiful shot of Ruby. x

  5. These look delicious Tahnee. I've tried a few times and it always ends up lacking but I think you may have inspired me to give it another go. x

  6. ohmy these look good. must try these with the kiddos, they would LOVE.


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