Wednesday, 20 June 2012

{snap it} :: a self portrait

Well hello there! Yes.. I'm still alive!
What an appropriate topic to rejoin you with.
My favourite self portrait is the one I use for my blogger photo.
But this one is very me too. I think this is my observing face. I am pretty quiet, always observing.
All my life. I didn't speak until I was two. And when I spoke, I spoke in full sentences.
A little useless trivia for you.
And yes, this one was taken by the new dad.

You can see some more selfies over at Sarah's.


  1. Gorgeous photo Tahnee, you look very thoughtful and lovely.
    I like to hear the stories of people learning to talk later... because right now I am desperately trying to get my (almost) two year old to talk. He is a stubborn one and knows how to get his point across with very few words.

  2. Glad you're all still alive and well. Lovely portrait Tahnee. That man sure is clever.

  3. Beautiful shot and I agree, so you. :) Love it.
    Hope you and your little ones are well on the mend... I think we have gotten hold of the same bug here this week... our car seat doesn't look too fine right now either! Sigh.
    (p.s. Love the new blog picture too!)

  4. love your new blog header!! & love this pic of you. x

  5. Such a beautiful portrait! Wisdom and love in those eyes.

  6. Goodness you are gorgeous!!

  7. You are so pretty - and curious and a bit bewildered. I love this shot.

    I also love your new header. I miss the kds, but this one just captures parenting in a different way. It looks great! c

  8. You are so beautiful! Love this one!


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