Thursday, 7 June 2012

{snap it} :: alphabet

A day late and clutching at straws. Sarah set quite the challenge this week.
Something that looks like a letter of the alphabet.
I was too busy to find a dedicated snippet of time to explore my surroundings for something fitting this tricky topic.
I had a quick look in the library. Voila.
You may need some head tilting, eye squinting, Where's Wally style searching.
But there are some letters there.
B :: Y :: F :: S :: O :: T :: L :: A
And not in that order.

I look forward to checking out the rest of the alphabet over at Sarah's.

*yes, Cole is sporting an awesome lanolin moustache (photos taken during snotfest)


  1. Oh yes yes, I can see some of those! Great pics Tahnee, so much fun in that batch. It WAS a hard week, very tricky xo

  2. the B is brilliant
    great shots Tahnee


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