Monday, 11 June 2012

{long} weekend love

:: a long weekend ~ in more ways than one
:: play school art maker (she loves it, the few times a week I let her play, and is becoming master of the trackpad)
:: middle ear infection for my girl
:: slow mornings
:: belated wedding card completion (which I then forgot to give the newlyweds)
:: rainy afternoon cooking ~ Jamie's lasagne, herb bread, fruit crumble
:: bedtime milk with Uncle Carl
:: slow, vomit filled Sunday (which I assume is part of the virus that caused her ear infection)
:: back to back Muppets
:: lots of snoozing, for big and little, of course not for mama..
:: new linen
:: christening new linen
:: salon treatment to cheer up my sick girl
:: happy customer
:: Trouble
:: vacuum cleaner box puppet show (a joint decision could not be made on curtain fabric - so they chose one each)
:: little Connect 4
:: jelly making
:: later afternoon story time

This long weekend turned out nothing like I had planned, or hoped for. Thems the breaks. I managed a little sleep in this morning, out of necessity. I'm running on empty and wishing for a break in the swell. {I am racking my brain to think of a post I read recently about someone describing their life at the moment as waiting for a break in the next set, for the swell to calm.. I cannot for the life of me remember who it was - if it's you, please tell me! This is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. The sets keep rolling in and there is little time in between the waves crashing, to catch my breath.} Ruby is still running a temperature with this virus, thankfully the vomiting has subsided. Eliot is coughing like a trooper and we are back to a dictionary/bible/harry potter propped up cot and vapouriser. I am not sure I have ever been so sick of winter, so very early.

I do hope you're weekend was far brighter than mine x

So, what did you get up to?


  1. BED JUMPING PICS!!! (Ahhh be still, my heart!) What a great set of photos, Tahnee! Love love love! xx

  2. Oh tahnee I know the feeling.
    The waves are crashing large and fast here too.
    Our little family has been sick for months now and in amoungst all that we moved house so our bed has not been our own either.
    I'm feeling for you, praying you see a break in the storm soon.

  3. I'm feeling for you Tahnee. If I could whisk your little ones away for a few hours so you can have some rest I would. Maybe when the sickness subsides a bit a weekend stay in the country with some chickens and some natter could offer a bit of calm. Although I doubt there would be calm with 6 kids running around!
    Ruby's writing is awesome, she is so clever.
    I love Cole's bedroom, and his linen is beautiful.
    Despite the illness, it does appear that you had a lovely family weekend.
    I hope that break comes for you soon. xx


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