Monday, 28 May 2012

weekend love

Saturday morning I took my biggest two out searching for an owl hat. It was meant to be an all girl affair but I couldn't deny the sweet pleas from Middle to tag along. What a treat to walk with my handbag on my shoulder and two tiny hands in each of mine. We found the elusive owl hat, and ticked a few other jobs off our list. We had lattes and baby chinos, with sweet morning tea treats. A quick go on the playground, escalator rides, new books, and a puzzle. I was feeling so good I even put money in the whirly ride. It was tag team upon our return with hubby heading to the footy to see his beloved Tigers actually win a game. A happy day for all.

Sunday was pretty good too.

I hope your weekend was happy too xx

{Joining Lou for Point + Shoot}


  1. Such beautiful photos, as always, Tahnee. Loving the owl hat, that is CUTE! And had to laugh (and double take) at that pic of the naked mannequins in the window... they WERE mannequins right?! Haha! xo

  2. I love these pictures! I remember seeing the owl hat photos on Instagram, these are just darling!! I'm glad you all had a lovely weekend :D x

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! The owl hat is gorgeous. I'd love a owl hat for our new baby.

  4. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! The owl hat is gorgeous. I'd love a owl hat for our new baby.

  5. aww, looks like a fun and cosy time was had by all. lovely pics!

  6. Love these photos, you have captured some great moments.

  7. Those hats are adorable!
    Paul must have been pumped about their win. Johnny also went to the footy on Friday. Only took him 8 and half hours to get there, as it was a thousand friggin kms away!
    Do you know how long I have stared at the picture with the naked bodies trying to work out if they are all mannequins or not!
    That reminds me, what happened with the sewing of the hair??

  8. love your photos.

    the owl hat. where did you find it??

  9. Oh, I love how you have captured your weekend. My favourite is baby sleeping. Adore it!


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