Tuesday, 29 May 2012

horse people

Some people are horse people. The same way people are dog people, or cat people. My dad is a horse person. He grew up with horses. He rode, and later raced them, as trotters (clearly he is not of jockey stature). As did his father, and his father's father. They were a horse family. He had quite a nasty fall while racing when my brother and I were very little. I can't remember if that was what made him give it away.

As children we used to go up to the stables with dad to feed the horses. We would balance on the side of the big drums of chaff, body and arms in, legs sticking out, scooping up the chaff to feed to the horses. My cousin had a horse out on his farm, growing up. His name was Socks. Because he looked like he was wearing socks. What a treat it was to drive out to the farm and have a ride on Socks. I spent my twenty first birthday on the other side of the world with a very dear friend of mine. We celebrated by horse riding through the beautiful countryside of Cesky Krumlov, in the Czech Republic. My girlfriend was petrified of the horse. It was fabulous.

I can't say I have ever been really comfortable with horses. I am in such awe of their grace and stature, their beauty and intelligence. Such brilliant animals. I held these photos back from our birthday outing a few weeks ago. I was so rapt when I saw them on the computer. I loved watching dad with the horses at the farm. He has such an ease with them. And it was obvious they trusted him with this firm, but gentle touch. And he looks just like my grandfather in these photos. Something he cannot see, perhaps will not see. The older he gets the more and more I see pa in dad. My grandfather was a wonderful, wonderful man. He had many faults, as do we all, but an enormous heart. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


  1. These images are..Wow Tahnee! There is something quite majestc about horses. I have not had a lot of experience with them, although my Uncle was also a trotter.
    How beautiful is Cesky Kromlov! The absolute jewel of what I saw of the Czech Republic.
    I really hope you get the school of your choice. It's so hard isn't it. I think I loved the first school I saw so much, that it's hindered the views I have of other schools.
    How's your diary looking for the rest of this term?

  2. Oh these photos are just beautiful Tahnee. I love horses too... but I'm in no way a horse person, I've never even ridden one. But they are such magnificent creatures and so incredibly intelligent. We used to visit one as kids, in a paddock not too far from our home. We would take him apples and sugar cubes. Absolutely gorgeous, placid animal he was. I actually think he was a pet, more than anything else. They are such fond memories and I only wish we had taken photos of it all, but back then photos were for special occasions. Your Dad looks like a very sweet and caring man.

  3. horses are one of my most favourite of animals (but i do love a lot of animals!). so powerful & majestic. but, i'm the same with you, i'm not overly comfortable with them. i think it because i was brought up to have a fear of them and to know that behind that power it can sometimes lead to something not so good (my papa's dad was killed by a horse)
    but even so, i love them. i could watch them all day long. when we went up north last year, we were driving through the outback and came across the most beautiful brumbies. they were big and powerful. such beauty!
    i've been slack again with the reading & the blogging. i thought i'd get more done with ryan away...turns out it has been much less!! looking forward to his return this weekend :)


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